IDST Competition project.
Everything about one thing.

  I chose spray paint can because its something thats not mainstream and its such an important tool in the street art world that needs acknowledgment. Its a tool thats important to me as i do street art as a hobby and I used to do it professionally when i was younger and the main tool i used was a spray paint can. I want to create a magazine/book to inform the audience what it is, how it works, where its made, techniques and what it can be used for. The focus will be primarily on the spray paint can being used in the street art world rather than DIY. Spray paint is everywhere either good or bad its something that is ignored or seen as vandalism but there are some amazing works of art which is created by spray paint and I wanted to show what is possible with a spray can either it be through stencils, graffiti or street art. Furthermore I wanted to examine why is the spray paint can used as the main tool in the street art world. In addition to looking at the spray paint can Im going to be looking at the tools used for the spray can. Which will be spray paint caps and exploring different caps and how each cap effects the spray paint can.


Beginning this project was hard for me my first idea was to do smoking, But it was just going to turn into a stop smoking campaign. Which is unoriginal. So I changed to street art, But that again was to broad and i thought why not do oak trees. But then that’s not interesting and also I couldn’t put a personal touch or felt passionate about that. Therefore I went back to the street art and decided to do spray paint can which can have a street art element to it and I can make it interesting and original.

I really enjoyed doing this and the results that came out of it. I originally wanted to add a page where you can see what the differences are in the different brands of spray paint. I Chopped each can part up and added them together to show each brand. 
I made stencils for my colour code page. Instead of the conventional approach which i had done I wanted to create a page with my own names to match the colours I had at home. 

I decided to make stencils I used a stencil font and printed out each word first.

Secondly I had to trace each letter which seemed like forever.

Then use the tracing paper and transfer the letters onto thick card and then cut out each letter with a sharp blade.
First page 
Graffiti page -  simplicity like the last page with the stencils like I said before should of done more pages similar to this.
Second page
This page is out of place. In all honesty I added this page to fill the book because the book is a little thin. But overall the page worked out well.
Third page
With this page there is too much going on and the images are overpowering the type.
For my final outcome I had 4 books printed with 4 cover and then I  hand crafted a stencil and decided to do a unique spray paint can on each page to make each book different. The one I will be sending off will be the blue and green piece because I believe that one works the best.
Overall the final outcome turned out well. But if I had more time I could of made a better book. I put to much effort if the sketchbook rather than the final outcome. I should of added a lot more research into my final book which I had but because of the time frame it was a little rushed but still considering the time in which i had to do the book the final outcome produced the book is satisfactory and sufficient. Typographically it could of been better. The book needed some overall improvements but I’m still satisfied with the book apart from a couple of pages. If I had more time I would of done a lot more typographic experiments and add these experiments to the final outcome.
This is a slide show of my process which I had done on Indesign. If you would like a download of the original PDF file please just send me a message.
I also managed to blow up the spray can to see what would happen. I had the idea of putting paper around the can which is on fire and then when the can exploded the paint would splatter onto the paper however that never happened and the can just exploded. 

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