Transitional Project - D&AD New Blood 2017

The brief was set by Adobe: ‘For the 2017 New Blood Awards, we’re asking you to share your hard-won wisdom by designing posters or a postcard. We want you to express yourself using imagery – this is no sweat for any creative student. Ready to find out more?’ 

I wanted to share my experience with a series of three posters to show my transition from where I was to where I am going.

I got the inspiration from Studio Blup to do a collage of imagery to express myself.
Growth: This poster represents my childhood with the influence of street art which I was a massive fan of and still am. Also the Iron bridge is a landmark from where I grew up. I also incorporated the a map in the background from my old home.
Passion: This poster represents my time at university, where I developed my skills in design and where I carried on my passion for graphic design.
Fulfilment: This poster represents my time in London but moving forward for me to carry on my journey to Manchester.

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